...EMMA LEE...


About me

My name is Emma Lee, I was born on the 1st of June 1995 in a hospital smack bang in the middle of Dublin City. I have two sisters who are significantly older than me and a mother and father. I still live in Dublin but plan to move to London when I am old and educated enough. I still go to school, which I dislike quite a bit. I love to read, write and go places on the train. I like old things - clothes, books, records, people, youth movements. My family and friends are constantly telling me they think I was born in the wrong era.

I have been writing ever since I was six years old and continue to do so. My dream is to become a successful writer or movie director as I often have thoughts about how my stories would look on screen. I like to write long stories but my biggest problem is not getting them finished because a new idea for a story often pops into my head before too long. I also write poetry, keep diaries and read a hell of a lot of books - I have been told I have enough books to start a library. I have kept everything I have written from the ages of six to the age I am today. I am constantly looking for an outlet for my creative ideas and hope to have my work published in the future. 

If there is anything else you would like to know or ask me, feel free to contact me through my tumblr page at www.veinsss.tumblr.com. I respond to all questions and you don't have to have tumblr to contact me, if you leave a link to your email address in the message then I can answer your question off anon.

Emma x